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news from around the world - 11-7-20

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The US is developing a hypersonic missile that will develop 17 times the speed of existing analogues, us President Donald trump said, while at the headquarters of the southern command of the US armed forces in Florida.

"We have a lot of interesting things at the development stage. We have a rocket that is 17 times faster than any other fast rocket... It is so fast that it is extremely difficult to notice. We have something that no one can even think of," the President said.

He recalled that the US recently spent $2.5 trillion on its Armed forces, reports TASS. "We have the best military equipment that anyone has had in the world," trump said.

The fact that the United States already has "super-fast" missiles capable of reaching the target at times faster than "normal", trump announced at the beginning of this year, without specifying, however, the details.

"We have super-fast missiles, and there are many of them. That's what we call them - super-fast. They are 4, 5, 6, even 7 times faster than conventional missiles," the US President said in February, speaking to state governors in Washington. He explained that the US needs such missiles "because Russia has something similar."

And in may of this year, trump shared with his fellow citizens secret plans to develop a "super-duper rocket" that will become "the fastest in the world", again without giving any details. "We are now creating incredible military equipment of an unprecedented level. We have no choice, we have to do it, given the opponents we have. I call it a super-duper rocket. It is 17 times faster than those that are available now, " the US President said in may.

Moscow has already commented on trump's words, noting that they do not stop being surprised by American developments in the military sphere. As the official representative of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova wrote in her Facebook, " speed is cool. We should have hit the target, but we remember what happened to the "beautiful new and smart missiles" in 2018."

Two years ago, the United States, Britain and France launched strikes in Syria. According to the Russian General staff, only 22 of the 105 missiles fired reached their targets. It was reported that the most damage was caused by expensive and so-called smart missiles to outbuildings. Two of them did not explode and were placed at the disposal of the Russian military.

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